Best Gnocchi at Olivea Restaurant

If it weren’t for meeting my good friend Nat and her boyfriend from Hong Kong, I would never had brave the snow and windchill to leave my cosy little room. So she recommended us (newbies of Kingston) to try this famous Italian Joint right opposite to the Kingston City Hall and the ice-skating rink. It is nice to see people actually doing outdoor activities in this kind of polar vortex-ish weather.


It was my first time at the Olivea Restaurant. Tonight we opted for the $21CAD three courses deal (soup/salad/antipasti + pasta + dessert) which is only available on Sunday and Monday after 5:00 pm.


Andalusian Tomato and Bread Soup. This rustic soup with chunks of bread and parmesan cheese surely has a lot going on. Every spoonful was a splurge of fresh tomato mash and soaked bread bits. The parmesan on top played up the gooeyness texture of the mashed tomatoes. Maybe the chef got a little over-enthusiastic with the tomatoes, the soup was actually way too acidic! If something could balance out the sourness, the soup would have been perfect! Anyways, the extreme sourness worked up my appetite for the main course…


House made potato gnocchi with beef cheek ragú and truffle oil. I’m not a gnocchi person at all, my prejudice against gnocchi mainly due to its notorious filling character and glutinous chewiness. But this luscious dish totally changed my perception towards it. I am totally blown away by this dish with its well controlled chewiness that was not rubber like at all. Most importantly these potato pillows sucked up all the delicious flavours from the slow-cooked beef, by the face of it, it did sound ambitious and filling. To my astonishment, the potato gnocchi was hearty but not over the top, thus every bite was just the heavenly comfort you crave for when the weather outside is just -20 degrees.


Finally it came to the sweet ending of our enjoyable meal, I chose the Chocolate and Raspberry Tartufo to round up my evening. The exterior was gently puffed with cocoa powder which adds extra texture to the decadent dessert. The raspberry centre brings out a hint of freshness to the rich and creamy chocolate gelato. Nothing can go wrong with this classic combination of raspberry sorbet and dark chocolate gelato. I absolutely indulged in this dessert as it allowed me to reminisce the good old days during boarding school where me and my best friend used to have a mouthful of chocolate bars and fresh raspberries to satisfy our sweet teeth.

All in all, the food was beyond amazing and I will come back for sure to try some of their other signature dishes. Also, the waitress was friendly, professional, and attentive to our table. I would truly recommend anyone who visit Kingston to come to this stellar restaurants for some good Italian food!

Olivea Restaurant

39 Brock Street, Kingston, Ontario Canada K7L 1R7

For reservations : 613-547-5483

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