Authentic Japanese Food at Kingston

For anyone who was badly spoilt by the prominent Japanese food scenes in Hong Kong, they should come visit Sima Sushi in Kingston (only if you happened to study in Queen’s University or travelled to Kingston of course!)


The regular sashimi platter does not disappoint at all! I opted for salmon sashimi only as I LOVE salmon A LOT… The sashimi was thickly sliced and the taste of the salmon was fresh and yummy!

It is so difficult to find an authentic Japanese restaurant serving fresh sashimi in Canada, the ones you normally get are California roll or all sorts of rolls that were influenced heavily by the Western Culture. By that, I mean there is literally no raw fish at all in those so-called rolls.

Hence, this hidden gem is truly a comfort to satisfy my sashimi craving!


Torched Salmon California Roll

Besides sashimi and nigiri, Sima also serve a wide selection of rolls inspired by the Americans. I like this roll as the salmon was nicely fired by the heat gun, leaving it slightly cooked on the surface and still raw in the inner bit. The hot sauce on top also spiced up the roll making it a mouthwatering dish for us!


This is how Sima Sushi looks like from the inside.


Ten ways to lead a healthy life.. mm interesting cup!

Sima Sushi

66 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 1A5
Phone: +1 (613) 542-8040

Monday – Sunday: 11:30am – 9:15pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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