Top 5 things to do during Winterlude in Ottawa


This is a winter celebration starts from 31st January till 17th Feburary in Ottawa, Canada! The festival includes skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway, the world’s largest naturally frozen ice skating rink that runs across the heart of the Capital and also a showcase of the ice sculptures made by the artists all across the world! Here comes the top five things one should do when indulging in this lovely festival!

1. Ice-skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway





Me and my friends had an amazing time on the ice… despite falling majority of the time!(the ice surface was a bit uneven and the skates we rented were not of the best condition.. right I know those aren’t excuses!)

2. Beavertail 

Not only you can skate on the frozen canal, there are also a few food trucks conveniently located near the rental area to impress us foodies! You can’t leave Ottawa without trying their famous Beavertails! Each of this delicious little guy was hand-stretched into flat whole wheat pastries, and serve piping hot which has a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside!

Perfection is when you have a hot nutella beavertail in your freezing hands, a shameless face that is hungry to lick off any extra nutella, a bunch of friends who wouldn’t care how horribly messy you get when devouring these yummy tails and of course.. the glittering white snow in a chilly winter wonderland.




3. Try the maple toffee

Each maple lollie (or some may called it the sugar on snow) was made by pouring hot maple syrup onto clean ice, pressed and lifted by the popsicles, then it was ready for any foodie to pick up and lick it! This soft chewy candy was a bit too sweet for me, and it would have been perfect had they provided doughnuts to sandwich these golden gems!





4. Ice Sculptures at the Confederation Park
When the sun goes down, the stars comes out… During the evening, streams of splendid colour lights flickered from the park and projected in the clear dark sky, attracting every one to go and take a glimpse at the masterpieces from the ice sculptors from all around the world!

In the progress of making a beautiful crystalline artwork!





5. Cosy up on the bonfire and enjoy some freshly grilled ribs

What can beat a warm bonfire night with some mouthwatering bbq pork ribs!? You may sit or hang around the bonfire with your friends in the chilly weather and enjoy some local cheap eats from the food trucks nearby!




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