Hooch Bourbon House

After a long day at Winterlude (we fall off a gazillion times on the hard uneven ice surface!), we decided to treat ourselves with some nice comfort food.

In the midst of fast food shops and tattoos parlours, there was this modern,wooden and dark restaurant with vintage light bulbs hanging from its ceiling inviting us to spend our dinner there.

To our astonishment, the menu provided a range of sophisticated appetizers and some really comforting mains.

To start with, we ordered the Foie Gras, Horsemeat and Biscuits and Gravy. As for mains, we chose the chicken and waffle and the burger.

Foie Gras – $12CAD

The foie gras torchon was shaved into thin slices and served with hush puppies(a deep fried cornmeal in a smurf shape), carmelised apples on a bed of roasted marshmallows.

It was a brilliant idea to have the foie gras thinly sliced to work up our appetite instead of filling up our stomach, it was not too greasy or oily which was common when serving pan-fried foie gras as appetizers. The use of marshmallows in this savoury dish got us excited like a bunch of children seeing marhsmallows floating in our cup of hot chocolate! The balanced flavours of the foie gras torchon and the hush puppies transformed this seemingly dessert into a luscious entree!




Horsemeat – $8 CAD

It was my first ever time to try horsemeat, and it was served raw as tartar with an egg yolk on top. The dish was so fresh and yummy, thanks to the well-balanced sauce made with capers, chilli oil and shallots. The brioche underneath was a thick sliced of fluffy white bread which added texture to the dish!


Biscuits and gravy – $8

The Biscuits and gravy was a little bit disappointed. As we all imagined it as ordinary crispy biscuits served with gravy. The American cheese scones greatly deviated from our expectation, and the gravy was purely cheese sauce. The dish was tasty but somewhat boring compared to the previous appetizers we had!



 Chicken and waffle – $14CAD (regular size)

This dish was originated from the Southern America, and literally it was an exciting combo of the best of both savoury and sweet worlds!

The golden skin of the cornish hen was cooked to perfection, it was crispy but not greasy and the chicken meat was so juicy and tender! The combination was elevated by the chipotle maple syrup emulsion, which tasted perfectly well in every bite of the chicken and the buttermilk waffle! The sauce was sweet and spicy at the end, but the spicy flavour would not overbear the taste of the chicken and also the maple syrup, thus making it a super enjoyable mains for all of us! One thing to add was that the buttermilk waffle was very fluffy and not soggy at all!


Burger – $14CAD

I didn’t get to try the burger but my friend ordered it and devoured within seconds! So bet it must be really delicious!


To round up our wonderful evening, we ordered the pecan pie which was not on the menu!


Probably one of the best pecan pie I have ever tried in my life! It was not too sweet and the pecans were really crispy! The pie was very rich and buttery, and went perfect with the maple syrup ice-cream!

On the other hand, the waitresses at the restaurants were really helpful, friendly and knew about their food very well which helped us a lot when choosing what to have!

The overall ambience of the restaurant was really warm, and the trendy vibe of the artworks on the wall and the display of the vintage bottles also spiced up the restaurant into a really cool place!


Hooch Bourbon House 

Address: 180 Rideau St. Ottawa, On

Opening Hours: Every day 5pm – 2am

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